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If you never plan independent trip and even more so if one is planned, then you know how much time and energytakes preparation of the route, timing to visit cities, logistics, flight search and a good hotel with a convenient location, an inventory of attractions, worthy of attention, search the lessor of the car, and so on. We are not even talking about small details, which beginners can simply do not think. If your head already was spinning from all these thoughts, we hasten to offer you a Travel organization.


2Map of your trip

(We will consider all your wishes and construct an optimal route that will always be on hand)


Logistics and transport

(We’ll figure out how to get to the desired point, organize transport connections, will talk about the conditions of transport companies)



(We choose the best option to stay, considering your requirements, budget and convenient location)


A personal guidebook

(Nothing extra only important and necessary information about the places that you will see in the journey)


Help with booking

(If you need, we will help to carry out or pay for the hotel reservations, tickets and excursions or car rental)


Remote support

(We are always in touch before and during your trip, you can always ask for help or advice)


1. All we need from you — a detailed description of your ideal travel and approximate budget.

You describe your wishes and expectations, call approximate budget and determines the dates. We have you listen carefully, ask clarifying questions, and take a small pause (up to 24 hours).

2. You will get several variants of your future route.

We are thinking about your needs, we analyze offers transport companies and offer you the best one or more (optional) options for future trip. Together we discuss the details, and finally determined.

* After this point, there is a calculation with the agency!

3. We organize your ideal trip.

Organization of trip usually takes 2 to 4 days (depending on complexity). You may be involved in case of clarify details (the choice of hotel rooms, departure time or other details).

Pay for the tickets, the hotels, you make yourself!

At the same time you always know how much and what you paid for.

4. As a result, you get: 

1. Plan and map your next trip, which will always be at hand.

2. The reserved or paid transfers, accommodation and excursions.

3. The personal guidebook with important information about the places of your future stay.

4. Together we go through all the points of your plan, draw your attention to important details, to clarify all ambiguities, will answer all your questions.

5. Support. If you have questions before or during your trip, you can always turn to us for help.



Travel organization

OrgTravel’s agency commission for Travel organization is 10% of the budget organized travel. The service is provided only «package» and can not be obtained in parts. If you need to get travel-advice by one of the items that are included in the service «Travel organization»- please see » Travel-consulting «

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