Authors tours

Authors tours — it are ideas of travel, based on the optimal combination of dates and events, transfer and accommodation options. We find the best deals on flights, convenient changing flights and good hotels to suit every taste and form from all this a journey, which is proposed. Now, before you start a «puzzle» about where to go and what to do, look at our Authors tours.

All travel deals are unique and they are valid, prices for tours are relevant at the time of publication of the proposal. Tour price may vary depending on how varied the price of airline tickets or hotel rooms. Therefore, prices should always be checked with us. If the price has changed, we tell about this and offer a decent alternative.

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What is the difference between authors and package tours?

Authors tours are individual. This means that:

* You will not be met and accompanied during the holidays;
* All flights and hotel reservation happen in real time and implemented in accordance with general conditions;
* We do not do visas. Most of all, we offer tours to the visa-free country or where you can obtain a visa upon arrival, but if the tour requires a visa, it is necessary to get on their own.

Why authors tours are cheaper then the packet tours?

* First, we are not tied to any transportation company, and we can look for the most profitable option of transfer. To all, we have the opportunity to buy tickets to many destinations with unrealistic discounts of up to 30%.
* Second, we will not cooperate with hotels, so look for the best combination of price / quality in classrooms econom, normal, premium and apartments.
* Thirdly, there are no hidden fees, commissions and pitfalls. You choose where to live, where to eat, where to walk and always know how much and for what you pay.

How to calculate price of the tour?

Tour price includes:

** Airfare type basic. This component in the cost of the tour is immutable and the same for all travelers, except changing the type of ticket (eg a basic type to the type of business) at the request of the tourist.
** The cost of rooms in the hotel / hostel / guesthouse or apartment. It is this component of the impact on the overall cost of the tour. We select the best way to stay on tour dates and form of these classes econom, normal, premium, apartments.

What is included in the tour price?

In the description of the tours is written that included, and that is not included in the tour price.

The price always includes:

* flight on the route
* рotel accommodation
* еravel insurance
The price sometimes includes:

* transfer airport-hotel-airport
* local tours
The price never includes:

* the cost of visa processing
* meals (except meals at the hotel)
* personal expenses

Can I change the date of the tour?

You can, but without changing other parts of the tour, including the route, length of stay, transport operators and hotels. In this case, you have to be prepared for the possibility of changes in value of the tour.

How to buy a tour?

1. Select the tour.

2. Check the relevance and general information about the tour *. Call +38 (050) 963-17-74 or write by e-mail or social networking sites that you are interested in. We will check prices and availability. If the price is not relevant, we tell about this and offer a decent alternative. If the actual price and places to eat, go to step 3.

3. Pay our commission.

4. Get all the details about the tour ** pay airfare and book your hotel.

* General information about the tour — information about the flight (no ad-airline companies, flight time and flight number, ticket price), the information about the hotel

** Detailed information about the tour:

Information on visa regime of the country;
Information about the flight: the announcement of the company-carrier, flight time and flight number, ticket price, the options of purchase and payment;
Hotel information: room type, cost ways to book. If, for some reason, the proposed hotel or room type is not suitable, we offer a choice of 1 hotel still in the same class in the same price category. The total cost of the tour may vary slightly in one direction or another;
Information about the transfer airport-hotel-airport.

What is the commission?

The commission of the agency for the announcement of detailed information about the tour and support when buying airline tickets, hotel reservations and travel is fixed at 30 USD (for tours to 500 USD) and 50 USD (for tours more 500 USD) per person.



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